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The world today is a fast paced, ever-changing and highly competitive global environment .

America was founded on the basic principle that everyone is “created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In order to continue subscribing to such ideals, our country must protect our remaining natural resources. Unfortunately, many of them, such as our domestic oil supplies are severely depleted. Consequently, we are now forced to import millions of barrels of oil each day, while industries that once were the very bedrock of our nation’s strength – such as steel production, clothing, consumer electronics -- have systematically moved offshore to countries with the lowest cost labor pools, leaving in their wake – unemployment, burgeoning trade deficits and growing economic uncertainty.

One of our last remaining natural resources is the very pioneering spirit of innovation that helped to found this country and made us the inspirational shining beacon of success the entire world has looked up to for over two centuries.

DataTreasury is the very embodiment of our founding fathers' spirit of innovation and invention. Such innovation by small inventors or companies is often met with great resistance from more established institutions and conglomerates, but it is the same spirit of invention that pushes us forward towards the ongoing commercialization of our technology. We continue to generate and innovate additional technology and IP.

Our mission is to serve as an inspiration to all small inventors and entrepreneurial innovators.


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Claudio Ballard speaks out against H.R. 1249, the "America Invents Act"

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Federal Judge Grants DataTreasury Post-Verdict Royalties in U.S. Bank Case

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Jury Finds U.S. Bank and Viewpointe Guilty of Willful Patent Infringement

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Consent Decrees

JPMorgan Chase Acknowledges Validity of DataTreasury's Patents

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PNC Bank Acknowledges Validity of DataTreasury's Patents


Groupe Ingenico Acknowledges Validity of DataTreasury's Patents

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Important Reexam Findings

USPTO Revalidates Second of DataTreasury’s Patents


USPTO Revalidates First of DataTreasury’s Patents


Current Licensees & Settlements

  • FTNI
  • UBS AG
  • Aptys Solutions
  • BB&T
  • Bank of New York
  • Citibank, NA
  • Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas
  • First Data Corp.
  • HSBC Bank USA, NA
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • PNC Bank, NA
  • Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)
  • Bank of New York Co., Inc
  • Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • City National Bank
  • Comerica Bank & Trust, NA
  • Compass Bank
  • Cullen/Frost Banks, Inc.
  • Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS)
  • First Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • Frost National Bank
  • Harris Bankcorp, Inc.
  • HSBC North America Holdings, Inc.
  • Groupe Ingenico
  • M&T Bank Corp.
  • MagTek, Inc.
  • National City Bank
  • NetDeposit, Inc.
  • PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • RDM Corp.
  • Remitco, LLC
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, PLC (RBS)
  • Telecheck Services, Inc.
  • Union Bank of California, NA
  • Zions Bancorporation
  • Zions First National Bank
  • Community Banking Systems (CBS)
  • Diebold, Inc.
  • Edward D. Jones & Co., LP
  • Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
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